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Where to Buy Western Foods in Udon Thani

Where to Buy Western Foods in Udon Thani

Anyone on a long stay visa in Udon Thani will almost certainly at some point self-indulge on imported western foods they’ve been missing from their home country. More so, if they are staying in a rented house, apartment or living in a rural area where cooking facilities are available. But where do you buy western foods in Udon Thani city?

Western foods in Udon Thani

There are a good handful of specialist outlets in Udon Thani that sell imported western foods. The most obvious place to shop would be big supermarkets – they are good for some western foods but not all. The specialist outlets have a more exclusive and hand-picked range.


Chern Chim Choice Foods

The biggest specialist western foods supplier in Udon Thani and located next to Nong Sim Lake. Chern Chim sells quality imported Australian beef and lamb, sandwich meats, breads, pies & pasties, canned foods, sauces, pickles and lots more. A very popular outlet and Chern Chim has a steak restaurant outside the shop premises.

Update… Chern Chim has now ceased trading in Udon Thani.

Udon Thani Gourmet Meats

New to Udon Thani but already making a big impression on expatriates who like western foods. Gourmet Meats shop is on Nittayo Road and stocks Australian lamb, steaks, burgers, ham, sausages, bacon, assorted Lady meat pies, Cornish and Aussie pasties, sausage rolls and more. Gourmet Meats have rapidly gained popularity in Udon Thani since opening in January this year.

Fuzzy Ken’s City Centre Food Shop

Fuzzy Ken’s bar, restaurant and food shop is opposite Central Plaza Shopping Mall on Prajak Road. The shop has a good range and quantity of western foods – pork chops, meat and fruit pies, pasties, burgers, bacon, sausages and bread. Fuzzy Ken’s stock favourite western groceries too – Coleman’s mustard, Bisto gravy, HP sauce, Branston pickle, marmite and vegemite are some of the big-hitters sold. Fuzzy Ken’s has a second-hand book store at the premises as well.

Papa Farang’s Bakery and Bistro


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Papa Farang’s has recently moved to Tambon Moomon (see map on the right), two kilometres from the old bakery and restaurant. The bakery sells bread products, pies and pastries – whole wheat bread, burger buns, naan, pita, ciabatta and panninni are some of the breads on sale. Papa Farang’s meat pies, pasties, pastries and cakes have gained much acclaim in Udon Thani for their wonderful taste, presentation and value-for-money. The bistro is also very popular among Udon Thani’s expats.


Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro, Tops and Villa Market all stock western foods – there’s ample supplies of cheeses, butter and margarines, soups, sauces and snacks. Villa Market is particularly good for imported American foods. Makro for bulk buying, though none of the big supermarket chains match the specialist western outlets in terms of luxury foods and popular brands.

Western foods in Udon Thani is big business. Foreign visitors to the city will be pleased to know many of their favourite western goodies and midnight snacks are in ample supply. Go Udon Thani travel magazine

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