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Udon Thani Map – Interactive Map

Udon Thani Map – Interactive Map

The Udon Thani city map below is interactive to allow close-up viewing of road and street names and to also give a broader picture in its smaller scale overview. Hover your mouse pointer over an icon and its description is shown. Click on the icon and more detailed information is displayed. Descriptions of each icon are listed below the map.

Udon Thani Map – Interactive map displaying hotels, bars, restaurants, attractions and more

Use the zoom buttoms in the top left-hand corner to control the map size. Hold and drag with the mouse to move around the map. If you hold and drag the yellow figure above the zoom buttons onto the map it will display Google Street View pictures. You can walk the yellow figure around the map. That’s worth trying out, even though the pictures are dated. The map may take 2-3 seconds to load. Please be patient.

Hover your mouse pointer over the icons below to see their description.

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