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Udon Thani Facebook – Get the Taste

Udon Thani Facebook – Get the Taste

There are reams of Udon Thani Facebook pages covering oodles of different things. Football, music, shopping, restaurants and bars are some. Facebook pages are helpful for connecting to upcoming sports events and music gigs but when it comes to food and restaurants you can’t do better than viewing photos of the food on offer. Consequently, Facebook ranks top banana for restaurant previews .

Udon Thani Facebook – Food & Restaurants

udon thani facebook restaurants

Udon Tap Taste House – Imported beers with knockout strengths and one of the finest restaurants in Udon Thani. A very professionally run business steered by a madcap owner. The Tap is popular with Thais and expats – Facebook

Fuzzy Ken’s Restaurant & Bar – Good value food, honest priced drinks, groceries, frozen products and used books are the building blocks that have established Fuzzy Ken’s as one of the best value places to eat and drink in Udon Thani.  Located opposite the city centre bus station – Facebook

Beyond Cafe – Got a sweet tooth? The Beyond Cafe near Nong Prajak Park has a menu full with cakes, ice cream, sodas, smoothies, teas and coffees – Facebook

Gallery Guest House – Fabulous food, good value and a Facebook page stuffed full with foodie photographs. Friday evening is International Buffet Night at the Gallery Guest House and the buffet has proven to be a very popular social event – Facebook

Tbar Restaurant – Western and Thai food at great prices. One of the most popular restaurants in Udon Thani and owners Steve and Mali are delightful hosts. I must recommend the fish & chips (photo above), delicious – Facebook

Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & Sons) – I’m certain Thai and western visitors to Udon Thani will adore visiting Samuay & Sons restaurant. The family run restaurant’s ingredient-fused menu dishes are there to view on its Facebook page. In my opinion, well worth a shot, pop, stab and jab – Facebook

Casper’s Roadhouse Bar n’ Grill – If you want to gauge if your eyes are bigger than your belly Casper’s Roadhouse is an ideal place to visit. Good servings. Welcome prices. Pizza, burgers, ribs, kebab and lots more – Facebook

How to Get There

All the Facebook restaurant pages listed above have location maps in their About pages. Enjoy.

You can check out Go Udon Thani Facebook page by clicking on the link hereGo Udon Thani Facebook

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