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Many of the best Udon Thani bars are in the city centre where there are two multi-bar complexes, Nutty Park and Day & Night, with lots more bars and restaurants nearby. The Sports Bar, Irish Clock, Sisters Bar and Mr Tong’s are some of the best known and favourite Udon Thani bars in the city centre. The Bookhouse, T Bar and Los Amigos restaurants are three much-liked places to eat in other parts of the city.

Udon Thani bars & restaurant reviews

Bookhouse Coffee Shop & Restaurant
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Customers watching horse racing, Sports Bar, Udon Thani
los amigos udon thani tex-mex food
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All Udon Thani bars and restaurant reviews have photographs, maps and further information included in the posts.

Celtic Yard Restaurant – City centre. The Celtic Yard restaurant menu has British, European and Thai food.

T Bar Restaurant – In Rom Yen 3. A popular restaurant owned by Udon Thani restaurant folklores Steve & Mali. The restaurant has a long and lengthy menu packed with British, European, Indian and Thai dishes.

Diary Restaurant – A very highly rated fusion cuisine restaurant near Nong Sim Park.

Sea Side 2 Restaurant – A very popular budget price restaurant on Soi Sampanthamit with a long list of British, European and Thai dishes to its menu.

Los Amigos Tex Mex Bar & Restaurant – A favourite bar and restaurant in Rom Yen 3 with Mexican, European, British and Thai food on its menu.

The Sports Bar – Hugely popular bar on Soi Sampanthamit and the best venue in Udon Thani to watch live sport. Next to Sampan Fish & Chips.

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar & Restaurant – A well-known and much-liked bar, restaurant and bookshop opposite Central Plaza on Prajak Road.

Little Italian Restaurant & Pizza – The Little Italian Restaurant on Wattana Nuwong Road in the city centre is another highly rated restaurant with traditional and authentic Italian dishes.

Samuay & Sons Restaurant – Samuay & Sons in Udon Thani is a contemporary, fusion restaurant on Phon Phisai Road about ten minutes drive from Udon Thani city centre.

Sampan Fish & Chips – The only specialist fish and chip bar in Udon Thani and the standard and quality of the food available at the restaurant and takeaway shop on Soi Sampanthamit is outstanding.

The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant – Rated as the number one restaurant in Udon Thani by top travel site TripAdvisor and is a superb place to wine and dine. Next to Nong Sim Park.

The Good Corner Restaurant & Bar – Next to Nutty Park and the restaurant menu has international, Thai and Nordic cuisine at reasonable prices.

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