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Udon Thani – Bangkok Flight Timetable

Udon Thani – Bangkok Flight Timetable

There are several flights between Udon Thani and Bangkok each day. Five airlines operate domestic flights – Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Bangkok Airways, Thai Smile and Air Asia. Please note that Nok Air, Thai Lion Air and Air Asia flights depart from Don Mueang Airport. Bangkok Airways and Thai Smile fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The Bangkok to Udon Thani flight times listed below are a guide only. Use the coloured links above each timetable to check flight times and dates.

Nok Air  Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok Flights

Nok Air was established in February 2004.

Flights depart from Bangkok Don Meuang Airport

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Depart BangkokArrive Udon Thani Depart Udon ThaniArrive Bangkok
Updated Oct 2017

Nok Air currently (Oct 2017) schedule extra Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok flights on a Sunday and Monday. Check the Nok Air website for details.

Thai Lion Air  Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok Flights

First domestic flight was Bangkok to Chiang Mai on December 10, 2013.

Thai Lion Air flights depart from Bangkok Don Meuang Airport.

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Depart BangkokArrive Udon Thani Depart Udon ThaniArrive Bangkok
Updated Oct 2017

Bangkok Airways  Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok Flights

Domestic schedule flights started in 1986.

Bangkok Airways flights depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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Bangkok Airways suspended their Udon Thani flight schedule in November 2015.

Thai Smile  Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok Flights

Thai Smile is operated by Thai Airways International.

Domestic flights began in July 2012.

Thai Smile flights depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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Depart BangkokArrive Udon Thani Depart Udon ThaniArrive Bangkok
Updated Oct 2017

Air Asia  Bangkok-Udon Thani-Bangkok Flights

Launched Thai domestic flight program in February 2004.

Thai Air Asia flights depart from Bangkok Don Meuang Airport.

The Air Asia flight schedule listed below is from April 2015 onwards.

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Screenshot (63)

Schedules shown are for reference only and are subject to change. Always check dates and times before booking any flight(s).


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