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Thai Massage Opposite Nong Prajak Park Udon Thani

Thai Massage Opposite Nong Prajak Park Udon Thani

There are a row of Thai massage shops opposite Nong Prajak Park in Udon Thani city. The massage shops are on Thesa Road and the businesses which operate there offer traditional Thai body, oil and foot massages at reasonable hourly rates. The massage therapists who work there are experts at their trade and the massage shops are not the ‘happy ending’ type places that get publicised more commonly on the internet.

The massage shops on Thesa Road are used by men and women alike and regarded as respectable business practices. Anyone wanting to explore the sleazy side of Thai massage in Udon Thani should venture to the nightlife area in the city centre. Plenty of options there.

Thai Massage opposite Nong Prajak Park – Prices

thai massage shops udon thani

The shops offer body and foot massages. Aromatic and therapy massage oils and rubs are used and customers are expected to maintain a respectable dress code. Appointments can be made by telephone or by walk-in. Free Wi-Fi is available at some of the units. There’s plenty of car park space and Nong Prajak Park is an ideal drop off for anyone acompanying you who has no plans for a massage.

The prices outlined below are generalized and may vary from shop to shop. Prices listed are per hour and air-con is installed at the glass-front shop units.

  • Foot Massage – 180 THB
  • Body Massage – 180 THB
  • Oil Body Massage – 300 THB

Thai Massage opposite Nong Prajak Park – Map

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thai massage nong prajak map

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