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San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Temple Udon Thani

San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Temple Udon Thani

San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese temple in Udon Thani is a tourist attraction with many aspects of interest. San Chao Pu-Ya temple complex has a colourful Chinese temple and shrine, museum, water-filled rock gardens and a large lake. Culture, education and beauty all in one place.

San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Temple- Udon Thani Attractions

The temple complex is on Nittaya Road. Five minutes walk from UD Town. A city centre tourist attraction that’s easily accessible, of good interest and entrance is free.

san chao pu-ya chinese temple udon

The temple/shrine is colourful and Chinese absolute. Dragons, serpents, guardians and lanterns adorn the outside. Buddhas, deities, and red wax candles the inner. Small images of Chinese gods Pu (Grandfather) and Ya (Grandmother) can be viewed inside. Remember to remove your footwear before entering the temple.

san chao pu-ya museum udon thani

The Udon Thani Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre houses the Museum of Morality. The museum has two levels. On the upper floor the museum tabulates the footprint of Chinese settlers in the history of Udon Thani from the late 19th century pioneers to their ancestors today. The life of Chinese philosopher Confucius is exhibited downstairs. Interactive video, audio and image presentations are on display along with many age-old objects and artifacts. Thai, Chinese and English languages are displayed.

koi carp san chao pu-ya temple

An ornamental garden and lotus pond brimming with koi carp bisects the Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre. The perfect spot to rekindle any bored young minds. You can also sit the kids down at the Ping An Cha Restaurant which serves hot and cold beverages and Chinese cakes.

The Pu-Ya Chinese Orchestra rehearses inside the Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre Assembly Hall every Wednesday and Friday. In 2012 the 120 member orchestra won several prizes at the China International Traditional Instrumental Music Art Festival in Beijing. Rehearsals start at 5 pm.

san chao pu-ya temple nong bua lake

San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese temple lies on the southern shores of Nong Bua Lake. Two pavilions stand in the lake and are reached via railed walkways. The view back to the temple complex and across the lake is a welcome one and a 360° spin reveals every colour under the rainbow.

San Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Temple – Summary & Map

A worthwhile attraction for anyone staying in the city. The museum, temple and shrine are all satisfying sights to see. Nong Bua Lake will add an extra layer of serenity to your trip. All-in-all, a very pleasant place to visit and especially for those with an interest in the history, culture and heritage of the Thai-Chinese community in Udon Thani. San Chao Pu-Ya Temple complex rates as one of the best Udon Thani city attractions and is open everyday from 7 am – 7 pm.

map san chao pu-ya temple udon thani

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