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Relax Massage in Udon Thani City Centre

Relax Massage in Udon Thani City Centre

Relax Massage in Udon Thani city centre is next to the Good Corner Restaurant on Prajak Road. The massage and spa shop is one of the more popular places of its type in the area. Not that you have to limp too far to soothe your aching joints by way of massage in Udon Thani city centre, because there’s enough massage parlours in the neighbourhood to re-energize the dead.

Relax Massage in Udon Thani

The girls at Relax Massage are often seen sat at a table outside the shop huddled around food. One or two of them are usually working inside. Sometimes more, sometimes none. You can tell a popular massage shop by the amount of sandals, flip-flops and shoes outside its front door. Relax Massage generally has quite a few. That’s a good sign and a rubber-soled stamp of approval.

Relax Massage girls cajole and ‘rub’ the right way most westerners who pass by the shop. It’s friendly banter, good-natured and not in the least offensive or raunchy. Done to soft siren business their way. I’ve witnessed the sweet talk ploy many times while sat at the Good Corner Restaurant. It occasionally works on inquisitive, timid-looking and in-two-minds souls.

Below are the different types of massages and spa treatments available. Prices shown were up-to-date in July 2015. A traditional Thai massage is 200 THB and a foot massage the same price.

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Relax Massage in Udon Thani – The 64,000 baht question

Do the massage girls do extras? That’s unchartered water for me but Every Man has his Price is an idiom that might be best used to answer it. Some women must have their price too, and my guess is some (not all) of the massage girls would be amenable to any such question.

Relax Massage in Udon Thani city centre is a long-time established business and a good choice for the travel weary or massage aficionado to laze away an hour or two.

Relax Massage in Udon Thani city centre – Map

Open Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00

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