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Nong Prajak Park Udon Thani

Nong Prajak Park Udon Thani

Nong Prajak Park in Udon Thani city is a beautiful place to spend a part of any day. The park boasts a huge lake and a multiplicity of trees, plants and acres of forty winks grass terrain. There’s plenty to do too at Nong Prajak Park. Something for everyone. A BMX park, outdoor fitness area, aerobics class, children’s adventure playground and a walking, jogging and cycling track back-up the park’s picturesque setting.

Nong Prajak Park in Udon Thani

The park is named in honour of Prince Prajak Sinlapakhom the founder of Udon Thani city and is a popular place for families, friends and couples to take time-out and relax.

Nong Prajak Park is an alcohol free zone. There are soft drink and food vendors but their presence low key. The park entrance on Thesa Road (see map below) is the best place to stock up on food and drinks. Picnic mats can be hired and bicycle rental is an option as well. For those wanting a full-on meal many good local restaurants ring the park. There is also a row of Thai massage shops and popular Thai breakfast cafés opposite the park on Thesa Road.

inflatable duck nong prajak park

One of the park’s main features is a large inflatable yellow rubber duck moored on the lake. The duck was first floated on the water in 2013 and has since been joined by a couple of ducklings. The ducks have been the focus for a zillion and one photo selfies.

Nong Prajak Park – Picture Gallery


Nong Prajak Park will not suit everyone. It’s not a place for thrill-seekers. More so, a mellow and take-it-easy venue. A beautiful park with lots of trees, plants, flowers and breathe-easy space in the bosom of a large lake/reservoir. Nong Prajak is rated one of the top attractions in Udon Thani and is an eye-catching bite of solitude in a busy provincial city. A much-loved picnic paradise and well-worth adding to your vacation itinerary. Recommended.

Nong Prajak Park – Map and Further Information

Open 04:00 – 20:00 Monday – Sunday
Alcohol free zone

map nong prajak park udon thani

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