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German Food in Udon Thani – Deutsch Lebensmittel

German Food in Udon Thani – Deutsch Lebensmittel

If you are looking for places to eat German food in Udon Thani there are a couple of restaurants that cater specifically for German food tastes. That said, anyone expecting to find wall-to-wall Bavarian cuisine in Udon Thani will find their dining options slimmer than an Apple smartphone.

Delight Internationales Restaurant is a straight-out pick for German food in Udon Thani, and Schweine Dieter is a Saturday only restaurant that is very highly rated. Harmony Bar & Restaurant has some German dishes on its menu, but those aside, you’ll be hard pushed to find schnitzel, currywurst and frikadellen on many Udon Thani bar and restaurant menus.

Where to Eat German Food in Udon Thani

The best places to eat German food in Udon Thani are listed below and more will be added as and when they make themselves heard. There is a map showing the locations of the places reviewed at the bottom of the post.

Delight Internationales Restaurant

german-food-in-udon-thaniDelight Internationales Restaurant owners are German national Rüdiger and his Thai wife Charukan. The restaurant opened in June this year, the couple were the previous proprietors of the Harmony Bar & Restaurant. Delight is on Adunyadet Road, ten minutes walk from the main city centre and the restaurant is popular with German and Swiss expats and tourists.

Authentic German dishes hog the menu alongside other popular western meals. Bratwursts, schnitzels and Fleischkäse excel. Steak, mixed grill and hamburger are more worldly and widely-known restaurant fare and all there. German frühstück options and English breakfast are served as well. There’s a good selection of Thai food too.

Weekly international style all-you-can-eat buffets are held each Thursday and Saturday evenings. Both well-attended. A charity round table is held every Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. Delight Internationales Restaurant website has more information on the buffets and has a full restaurant menu list.

Schweine Dieter

schweine-dieter-shop-udon-thaniSchweine Dieter is a Saturday only butcher’s shop and restaurant. They also specialize in spit roast pig private parties. The shop is the best outlet to buy authentic homemade German food in Udon Thani.

The shop opens on Saturdays from 09:00-13:00 and sells a good range of favourite German meat products, cold cuts and pickles. Home made liver, meatballs, meatloaf, Bockwurst sausage, Fleischwurst Sausage, pepper ham and sauerkraut are some of the items sold. You can order from the shop online via Schweine Dieter website – German, English and Thai translation options are available.

Schweine Dieter restaurant and bar has a limited menu that’s well-to-do with popular German dishes. Asparagus with Smoked Ham, Wiener Schnitzel, Hunter Schnitzel and Pork Knuckle with sauerkraut and bread, some of the menu choices. The restaurant is now on a summer break and opens again on Saturday October 10 from 12:00-18:00. One week later Schweine Dieter restaurant celebrates Oktoberfest 2015 with a Bavarian banquet priced at 230THB. As one would expect, beer will be flowing too. Reservations can be made by email or telephone. Check the website for details.

Harmony Bar & Restaurant

Harmony Bar & Restaurant is on Adunyadet Road, five minutes walk from the main city centre nightlife area. The restaurant is now Thai owned and the menu has changed from mainly German fare to a mix of popular western dishes and Thai food. Some German dishes remain, breakfast is one, as do German brewed beers Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Fürstenberg Pils. An international food buffet is held every Tuesday evening priced 189 THB.

Jutta’s German Bread

juttas-german-bread-udon-thaniJutta’s German Bread is based in Non Sa At, 60 kilometres from Udon Thani city. The bakery has an online shop and sells German breads, baguettes, rolls and cakes. Pictured on the right, Bauernbrot – course crumb bread made with wheat flour, rye sourdough, yeast, salt and water – all authentic Bauernbrot recipe ingredients.

Online orders are required two days in advance and delivery is by bus or post. On Wednesday and Saturday Jutta’s German Bread deliver to Udon Thani themselves. All bakery items sold online can be viewed on Jutta’s German Bread website.

The range of breads baked by Jutta’s German Bread include Joghurt Brot (Yoghurt Bread), Olper Landbrot (Olper Country Bread), Paderborner Roggenmischbrot (Paderborner Rye Bread) and Sovital Brot (Sovital Bread).

Delight Internationales Restaurant and Thomas Resort Udon Thani are two places with website links to Jutta’s German Bread online shop and your bakery goods will be delivered there if ordered via their websites.

German Food in Udon Thani – Map

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