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Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant Review

Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant Review

Fuzzy Ken has a new bar & restaurant. The old bar opposite Central Plaza closed in April and Ken has relocated the popular ale house and eatery near the city centre bus station – across from the 7 -Eleven convenience store. Same menu, same business brand – good value food and drink, stacks of second-hand books for sale and oodles of dry and frozen foods in stock. 

Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant

fuzzy ken's new bar udon 01

The new bar and restaurant is not too dissimilar in size to the old one. Slightly smaller in width but similar in length. Fuzzy Ken’s successful formula – books, booze and bites, is the same as before and the bar & restaurant’s legion of regular customers have followed in Ken’s slipstream to the new roost.  

Fuzzy Ken’s Good Value Menu

fuzzy ken's new bar udon 05

The restaurant serves many popular western foods, eat-in or takeaway. Fish & chips, burgers, beef stew and full English breakfast some of the well-known favourites. The breakfast pictured above cost 144 THB and you can net a plate of fish & chips for 139 THB. The menu is more blasé than gourmet, but nonetheless, excellent value.

Chill at Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant

fuzzy ken's new bar udon 03

Pre-packed frozen sausages, bacon, pies, burgers, curries and lots more. Plenty of favourite dry foods too. Ken’s ‘Corner Shop’ is a big hit with some of Udon’s expats.

Fuzzy Ken’s frozen products price list is posted below. Click on the photograph to enlarge. For easy reading some food items are indexed beneath.

fuzzy ken's new bar udon 04Fuzzy Ken’s Frozen Products

  • Pies (Steak & kidney, mince beef , chicken etc) 99 THB
  • Pork pies 95
  • Cottage pie 99
  • Chicken curry (350g) 109
  • Pork chop (300g) 90
  • Smoked streaky bacon (500g) 135
  • Pork sausages (500g) 139
  • Chili con carne (300g) 105
  • Apple pie 59
  • Apple & blackcurrant crumble (400g) 109

Bulk orders may entitle you to a discount.

Prices correct May 2017.

A Bookworm’s Sanctuary

fuzzy ken's new bar udon 02

There’s more than 2500 books for sale or exchange. Fiction and non fiction. Mainly English language but there are some other foreign language books as well. I’m not sure how loud the book business booms but Ken did tell me sales are up thanks to where the new bar’s stood in the ‘hood. Backpackers from the bus station sometimes pop in for a book, beer and bite.

Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant – Summary

I like Fuzzy Ken’s bar. The food is decent enough and good value. Drinks are moderately priced and usually there’s a good size stock of locals on site. Stir in a very friendly host, city centre location and you can comprehend why Fuzzy Ken’s business brand has been a big hit with many expats and tourists for over a decade. Long may that continue. I’m certain it will.

Fuzzy Ken’s New Bar & Restaurant – More information

298/15 Sayoutis Road, Changwat Udon Thani, Udon Thani, Thailand.
Fuzzy Ken’s – Facebook

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