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Fuzzy Ken’s Bar and Restaurant in Udon Thani

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar and Restaurant in Udon Thani

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar in Udon Thani is on Prajak Road opposite the city’s stylish and multi-purpose Central Plaza Shopping Mall. The plaza is a distinguished and high-class neighbour, but Fuzzy Ken’s Bar has multi-uses too. Fuzzy Ken’s is a bar, restaurant, food shop, well-stocked book shop and home from home for many expats and tourists. It’s one of the most popular and best bars in Udon Thani.

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar in Udon Thani

Fuzzy Ken's Bar in Udon Thani

The décor, layout and plastic seats won’t accrue any Eat Sleep Drink Awards. Nonetheless, a city centre location, low price drinks, a good value menu and easy-going host, make Fuzzy Ken’s a very popular hangout. So much so, it probably only ranks behind the Sports Bar as Udon Thani’s most colonized daytime bar.

Fuzzy Ken's food Udon Thani

Fuzzy Ken’s sells imported and local beers as well as a wide-range of spirits – Gilbey’s Vodka 65 THB, Beer Leo (large) 75 THB and Bruntys Apple Cider 95 THB, are popular examples.

The food menu is British themed and a well-used item too.

Fish and chips, pictured right, is a top seller and Fuzzy Ken’s beef stew has fabled status in Udon Thani. A roast beef dinner is only 185 THB and an English breakfast 139 THB.

Fuzzy Ken’s Book Shop has thousands of second-hand novels for sale or exchange. Most books are in English but there are several hundred in other languages to choose from. Non fiction and audiobooks as well. The food shop is well-stocked with favourite western foods. Click on the link for more details. The bar shows live TV sport and other popular programmes.

I read on one top travel site a review from a young traveller bemoaning Fuzzy Ken’s for its ‘old fogey’ customers wasting their afternoons drinking and putting the world’s wrongs to right. Every bar in the world does the latter, and expatriates do tend to lean heavily toward walking frames, not computer games. But old fogeys they’re not. They are everyday expats who are more than willing to pass on their local knowledge to whoever may ask.

Host Ken, whose hair these days is more neatly trimmed than the bar’s name may suggest, is an affable man who loves to talk. The six-foot plus, gentle giant, has vast experience of living in Udon Thani and a wonderful dry wit and rationality. A host well-worth chatting to.

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar and Restaurant is a homely, good value place to eat and drink with a book shop and food shop as added extras. All-in-all, a very decent bar and restaurant.

Fuzzy Ken’s Bar and Restaurant – Further Information and Map

Tel: 086 011 4627
Website: Fuzzy Ken’s in Udon Thani

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fuzzy ken's udon thani map-

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