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Car Rental in Udon Thani

Car Rental in Udon Thani

Car rental in Udon Thani is a competitive business with most big name car hire companies competing against local and family run Udon Thani car rental firms. If you arrive at Udon Thani International Airport there are a number of car rental kiosks opposite the baggage hall exit. Avis, Hertz, Budget, Eurocar and Sixt have cars for hire and bookings can be made online or at the airport itself. General car hire terms are covered at the bottom of this post and can vary from company to company.

Car Rental in Udon Thani

Local Udon Thani car rental firms tend to be cheaper than the distinguished multi-national car hire companies. The problem with using low-price local businesses is you have to be 100% sure you are fully covered against accident and theft. Many local companies car rental contracts will be in Thai and their representatives English language skills ‘godawful’ at best. Fortunately there are some good local car rental firms in Udon Thani – two well-known and creditable vehicle hire companies are listed below.

lek car rental in udon thani

Lek Car Rental is run by a Thai and western management team and have over 30 cars available. All vehicles rented out by Lek Car Rental are insured against accident, fire and theft. GPS trackers and child/baby seats are free on request. The company has an excellent reputation in Udon Thani and their fleet of cars and trucks include – Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyoto Vios, Mitsubishi Triton Plus, Honda City, Honda Civic and Nissan Sunny. Prices start from 990 THB a day and Lek Car Rental has free delivery and collection from anywhere in Udon Thani. Bookings can be made via their website (link above) or telephone: 0860 593028 and 042 325427.

UD Car Rent is another well-established Udon Thani business. Full insurance is included in vehicle hire and day rates start from 990 THB. Infant seats and GPS trackers are free but must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Emergency help is available 24/7 for all rented vehicles. Their fleet of cars and trucks include – Nissan Almera, Toyoto Vios, Toyoto Altis, Izuzu Dmax and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Bookings can be made via their website (link above) or telephone: 098 10 11 225 (English) and 084 40 80 443 (Thai).

There are other reputable businesses offering car rental in Udon Thani but always thoroughly check contract details and insurance cover before completing any vehicle hire agreement.

General car rental requirements and terms in Thailand

  • Driver age requirements vary from 21 years old to 28. Always check with the rental company if you are within that age range or slightly above.
  • Valid Thai driving licence or an international driving permit is required for licenses in non-English print.
  • A credit card maybe required for payment and security deposit (returnable on satisfactory rental completion).
  • Thai ID or passport for non-Thais to complete vehicle hire. A photocopy of your ID/passport details will be made and your ID/passport returned to you.

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