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Breakfast at the Gallery Guest House Udon Thani

Breakfast at the Gallery Guest House Udon Thani

In one word the Full English breakfast at the Gallery Guest House Udon Thani is … superb. Two sausages, two bacon, double eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and the best black pudding I’ve eaten in Thailand. Included in the price (200 THB) are two slices of toast and tea or coffee. The breakfast was excellent, nicely presented and fair value in my honest opinion.

Full English Breakfast at the Gallery Guest House Udon Thani

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The restaurant is very pleasant looking. Roomy, with an English countryside pub look to it. Soft cushioned rattan seats and tables mingled with more traditional wood dining tables give the restaurant a laid-back, easygoing climate. There is also plenty of wall decor to skim during the prelim to your meal. The well-stocked bar has a good selection of imported beers for those preferring a midday breakfast and a more heavy-duty refreshment.

The Gallery Guest House menu has a good mix of Western breakfast options, a smaller full English breakfast (150 THB) is included. Thai breakfast menu choices as well. Rice soup being the obvious one. My Thai partner chose the khao tom (rice soup/porridge) and appeared very satisfied with her choice. The bill for our breakfast came to 280 THB. No argument there.

In conclusion, I can’t say anything other than breakfast at the Gallery Guest House Udon Thani is a very satisfactory experience and one that will not hollow your pocket too much at all. Recommended.

How to Get There – Gallery Guest House Udon Thani Map

Not the easiest place to find especially for those new to Udon Thani and even some who live there. Hopefully, the map below will guide you to one of the best Full English breakfast’s in the city.

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