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Breakfast at Fuzzy Ken’s Udon Thani

Breakfast at Fuzzy Ken’s Udon Thani

One of my favourite places to relax in Udon Thani city centre is Fuzzy Ken’s Bar & Restaurant. Plenty of reasons for that. Ken is an intelligent and humorous host, food and drinks are reasonably priced, and the location on Prajak Road opposite Central Plaza is a good neck of the woods to watch the world go no place fast.

Fuzzy Ken’s has plenty on offer besides restaurant food and drinks. A bookshop, groceries and frozen foods also pack out the premises. Rooms for rent will be available soon. I’d dipped my toes in the restaurant menu a few times before, but I’d never tried Fuzzy Ken’s full English breakfast. I decided it was time to put that right.

Full English Breakfast at Fuzzy Ken’s

full english breakfast fuzzy ken's
There was plenty on the plate. Sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, homemade chips. Toast and a choice of tea or coffee served as well. All tasted good, even the sausages despite their overcooked look. A fistful of condiments a twist of the wrist away. All in all, one of the best full English breakfasts I’ve eaten in Udon Thani.

For those not in the know, Fuzzy Ken’s is opposite Central Plaza in Udon Thani city centre. The food menu is available from 9 a.m. onwards. Plenty to choose from, eat-in or takeaway.

Update…. Fuzzy Ken’s now has two rooms (single fan and double bed air con) for rent above the popular bar and restaurant premises. Rooms are agreeably priced at 325 THB and 450 THB. Peak season rates may differ.

Further information

Fuzzy Ken’s
302/9 Prajak Road
Changwat Udon Thani, Udon Thani, Thailand
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 09:00-22:30 Sunday 18:00-22:30

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