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Aussie Burger Sports Bar Udon Thani

Aussie Burger Sports Bar Udon Thani

Aussie Burger Sports Bar in Nutty Park, Udon Thani is a popular hangout to watch live TV sport, chew the news and enjoy good food and drink. As the name suggests, the bar is Aussie themed although all nationalities are welcome. The bar’s live and re-run TV sport, good food and cold beers make excellent company and a happy crowd.

Aussie Burger Sports Bar Udon Thani – Live sport and big bites

Full on in your face TV sport? Up2U. The bar shows all big sport events – Aussie Rules, rugby league and union, football, cricket, Formula One and more but there’s also a good fast food menu to bite on. Click on the menu images to enlarge. Prices correct May 2016 but subject to change.

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Aussie Burger Sports Bar parades inside the strikingly named Nutty Park, an afternoon and night-time venue housing 20+ bars.  Nutty Park is in the city centre and a good choice venue for those in nearby hotels wanting night-time entertainment or a quiet afternoon drink and feed. Aussie Burger Sports Bar ticks those boxes with live TV sport thrown in too.

Aussie rules football pulls in the punters with live AFL (Australian Football League) games shown at peak afternoon hours. As a rule, the bar opens at 2 pm, sometimes earlier if big sports events show good cause to do so.

Aussie Burger Sports Bar – Summary

One of the few long-established bars in the city. The menu mix of live sport, cold beers, spirits and excellent fast food – the bar’s good-tasting burgers and pizzas have long stood the ‘taste of time’ – make it a popular water and refuel station for many city expats and ‘in the know’ tourists. Bar owner Rob, an Australian as you’d expect, is an excellent host as well. A good-size car park sits 30 metres away on the right-hand side of the bar.

All-in-all, Aussie Burger Sports Bar is a well-run, A-1 venue and deservedly rates as one of the best bars in Udon Thani. Recommended.

Update August 2016 – The bar is now closed. Rob has taken the decision to retire and take a well-deserved rest.  At the time of writing there is no news of anyone else continuing with the business.

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  1. Wazzi  July 23, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Hi Martyn,
    Has this bar reopened now, The last few times I have been in town ( 2015 and 2016 ) it was always shut, Will be great to get a real Burger in Udon again

    • Martyn  July 25, 2016 at 12:32 am

      Wazzi – Yes it’s still open. Burgers on the menu. Opens 2pm most afternoons.

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